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The 8th annual Tour de Turtle bike ride & trek is Saturday October 14, 2017 at The Painted Turtle Camp in Lake Hughes, California. Please register or donate here. Thank you to all the generous donors and to our local team: We are The Turtles, My Friends. My husband Paul, our daughter Chloe Koslo, Donna Sharpe & her grandson Ryker, Nicoleta Trifa & her son Montae, Sheridan Harris, Dan Morrow & Fan Tao, Janet Anderson and

Yours turtley truly,
Allaire Koslo
Working for the Painted Turtle Camp,
two devoted, hard working volun-turtles
and friends at TurtleTrek 2016

Chloe and Allaire :: Rooftop Revolutionaries :: Join the Solarevolution!
November 2012

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Allaire Allaire Koslo as an Actress has played over 135 roles on stage and performed "Purple Breasts"" since 1989. Allaire is passionate about health, fitness, breast cancer awareness and ultimately prevention of cancer. In addition to being an actress: Allaire teaches Yoga, is a La Leche League Leader helping mothers to breastfeed and thus promoting breast health. The play, "Purple Breasts" is dedicated to the memory of Daryl Lindstrom, the original creator, director and inspiration of this piece. (The title refers to the ink marks received during radiation treatment.)

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Formerly Honorary Mayor of the Lakes Community, Allaire is passionate about our planet and body-mind-emotional-spiritual wellness. She is a graduate of Stanford University and has a MFA from San Jose State University.

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