Scenes and Images from
Purple Breasts ... A One Woman Show

  1. Zoe...
  2. David, Zoe's Husband
  3. Zoe's Confession
  4. Radiation Therapy Week One
  5. Zoe's Journal Entry "The Dream"
  6. Radiation Therapy Week Two
  7. Susan, Zoe's Sister
  8. Radiation Therapy Week Three
  9. Beth, Zoe's Best Friend
  10. Radiation Therapy Week Four
  11. Zoe: Coping
  12. Zoe's Mom
  13. Radiation Therapy Week Five
  14. Radiation Ends Week Six
  15. Zoe's Journal Entry "The Nightmare Continues"
  16. Zoe Waiting: Week Seven Post Radiation
  17. Eight weeks later: The News
  18. Zoe's Play Scene 1, Zoe, Healthy & Determined
  19. Zoe's Play Scene 2, The Good Doctor Needs a Vacation...
  20. Purple Breasts Scene 3, Pierre,The Happy Radiologist...
  21. Susan's Short-Lived Playwriting Career
  22. Purple Breasts Scene 4, The Audition They Still Talk About
  23. The Recurrence - Three Years Later
  24. Purple Breasts Scene 5, The Lung Biopsy
  25. Zoe's Breast Surgeon
  26. Purple Breasts Scene 6, Letter to Tibet
  27. Beth: Disillusioned
  28. Purple Breasts Scene 7, Going in Circles
  29. Nurse at Zoe's Hospital, Tribute to Cherry Ames
  30. Zoe Takes Charge
  31. Purple Breasts Scene 8, Letter from Tibet
  32. Mom Kvetches
  33. David: Busted
  34. Purple Breasts Scene 9, Joy: The High Priestess
  35. Zoe Loses It
  36. Beth's Shopping Spree
  37. Zoe's Reality
  38. David Says Good-bye
  39. Zoe's Last Stand
  40. Mom's Acceptance
  41. Purple Breasts Scene 10, Zoe: Resolution
  42. Zoe's Farewell: Purple Breasts...

The title, Purple Breasts refers to the purple ink used to mark the body for radiation treatment. These markings on the breast are the "map" drawn by hospital technicians in order to line a patient up correctly with the radiation machines. The choice is either felt tip pen markings or permanent tattoos.


updated 2010 November 27