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An Entertaining Look at One Woman's Struggle Against Breast Cancer:


Purple Breasts, A One Woman Show, a play about one Woman's struggle against breast cancer and how it affects those around her, premieres in Los Angeles October 10th through November 17th, 1996 during breast cancer awareness month. Allaire Paterson-Koslo performs this one-woman show directed by Bridget Kowalczyk who adapted this version* produced in San Jose, and in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California in 1993 and 1994, respectively.

"Allaire Paterson-Koslo, who also co-wrote the play, does a more than remarkable job playing not only Zoe, but all of the people in Zoe's life affected by her and her plight." Coast Weekly, Carmel, CA. Purple Breasts, co-written by Ms. Paterson-Koslo and four others, including Daryl Lindstrom on whom it is based and who conceived the play, reflects the trauma, pathos, and humor experienced by the protagonist, Zoe. The New York Times calls the play "Spunky and sentimental."

The title, Purple Breasts refers to the purple ink marks used during radiation treatment. The play premiered at San Jose City College in 1989. In 1990 the play went on to acclaim at the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland where it was called " .. passionate and caring.. more about life than death...a stirring and thought-provoking testament to the human spirit... ". (Festival Times, Edinburgh) The one woman version was commissioned by Allaire Paterson-Koslo and adapted and directed by Bridget Kowalczyk. "Creatively directed and superbly acted, this is a compelling and important piece of theater." says the Coast Weekly, Carmel, CA September 1994.

Ms. Lindstrom, a 37 year-old teacher who suffered from metastatic breast cancer was the inspiration for Purple Breasts. She succumbed to the disease in 1989 before the play fully realized its success. Her story reinforces this poignant reminder that behind every statistic there is a human being.

Purple Breasts illuminates the patient's struggles, as well as those of the people touched by her cancer: mother, husband, sister, friend, doctor. A powerful reminder that cancer is a family phenomenon, Purple Breasts ends with a message that the fight against this disease is far from over.


* From original play by Daryl Lindstrom, G. Symon, S. Markus, S. McMahon and A. Paterson-Koslo and teleplay by R. Lore & M. Mancinelli-Cahill



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