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FRIDAY EVENING at 7pm on JANUARY 11, 2002
        •   •   •   •     ADMISSION IS FREE         •   •   •   •    

Sarah Meltzer, a senior at Highland High school in Palmdale has taken her Senior Project on researching breast cancer and spreading awareness about this disease very seriously. Sarah feels that while most people know of the existence of breast cancer, people know very little about the disease and its affects. That is why even though breast cancer awareness month, which is held in October already passed, it has become the goal of Sarah to bring a better understanding of this disease to her community. The focus of Sarah's project is not simply to present facts about breast cancer to people, but to really inform people in her community, and help them become aware of the disease. Thus, Sarah is producing a professional performance of a play at her High School on breast cancer. Sarah read about this educational play: Purple Breasts (The title refers to the ink marks received during radiation treatment.) when it was performed to standing room only at Lancaster Performing Arts Center in October. Enthusiastically Sarah, who loves the medical field and the theatre, asked local actress and activist Allaire Paterson-Koslo to perform her play: Friday evening January 11, 2002 at 7pm at the Highland High School theatre located at 39055 25th St. West (between Avenue P and Elizabeth Lake Rd.) in Palmdale, CA 93551. There is no admission fee to come see this wonderful, entertaining, and educational performance. Because Sarah wants to help cancer patients there will be an opportunity for anyone who wishes to contribute to helping cancer patients to give a donation at the door. All proceeds will benefit the local Antelope Valley Chapter of the American Cancer Society. For specific information about, or reservations to Purple Breasts call (661) 724-2255 or Sarah Meltzer at (661) 273-0520. The request of the presence of everyone able to attend is highly esteemed by Sarah Meltzer and the co-writer of the show Allaire Paterson-Koslo.

This lively 30-minute tour-de-force is truly for everyone! This play captures the essence of how to humorously yet realistically deal with the possibility of having breast cancer. Purple Breasts is about a young and spirited woman's courageous struggle with breast cancer directed and adapted by accomplished actress and theatre artist: Bridget Kowalczyk. She says: "The main character in Purple Breasts is Zoe. Her hell as well as her spirit and determination bring comfort, sanity, laughter and tears to many because it is a true, and real and a universally shared experience. Zoe has the power to express the fear, the sadness, the acceptance, and every other feeling that bombards those that have been touched by the disease, by loss."

Allaire has been reviewed by The New York Times: "spunky yet sentimental." And Olivia Newton-John says about Allaire: "a great performance: moving, funny, sensitive, but direct." The LA Times says: "a remarkably talented actress...startlingly frank, yet sharply humorous." Marcia Wallace: "As an actress, a breast cancer survivor, and a lover of good theatre, I found Allaire Paterson-Koslo's one woman show: Purple Breasts: to be a triple-threat: I loved it- I loved it- I loved it!" For thirteen years Allaire has kept her friend Daryl Lindstrom's story and play alive performing it in Edinburgh Scotland and all over California. Daryl died of breast cancer in October of 1989, but not before Allaire and Daryl and a group of five phenomenal women wrote and performed this play together. Her friend's death compelled Allaire to choose to be an activist. Through this play one can spread awareness and create discussion and offer laughter and catharsis, even tears. It also offers hope. There will be a panel discussion after the show after a brief intermission. The panelists shall include local breast cancer survivors as well as caregivers and medical professionals. The American Cancer Society will be there with information as well as La Leche League on breast health awareness.

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